about: gary

who: gary mcc (aka: little mac, THE BOSS)
where: $CURRENT=”NYC, NY, USA”; $ORIGINAL=”NJ, by way of GA, FL, NC, SC, FL, NY ”;
when: now. also, march 1980
what-i-do: salaryman (extreme techie / keep people honest officer at mega conglomo bank)
why: because it is there
what: eh?
favourite film(s): caveman, ringo star and dennis quaid
favourite book/writers/etc: faster, james gleick
i like: rugby / vespa / music man basses / banjo-ukulele
i dislike: Inability to support a position
i drive: a 23yr old jeep cherokee (aka: ‘the green monster’)
type of man: thinking
favoured footwear: adidas gazelle
life outlook: keep calm and hit a ruck
contact me: gary @

sometime around 2004:

w/ FDNY Rugby @ 2011 Liberty Cup:


(format slightly copped from what can i say, he’s cooler than me)

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